Bathroom Darkroom Project

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Publication produced to coincide with the Bathroom Darkroom Project exhibition. Featuring the work of all artists involved in the project and a series of accompanying texts including essays, poetry and interviews.


Artists featured; Anna Columbine, Anna Lilleengen, Barbara Jones, Elizabeth Lyons, Elizabeth Wewiora and the Many Hands Craft Collective, Hayleigh Longman, Jennifer Brookes, Lydia Marley, Matt Leeves, Melanie King, Rachael Burns and Tabitha Jussa.


Writers featured; Anna Columbine, Claire Yspol, Hayleigh Longman, Jacob Birtil, John-Paul Burns, Lauren Garland, Lorna O’ Connell and Samra Mayanja.


Publication design by Rachael Burns

Printed and hand finished in Manchester, UK

140 pages spiral bound

Covers 270gsm Colourplan in Imperial Blue

Edition of 80

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