Bathroom Darkroom Project

Elizabeth Wewiora & Many Hands Craft Collective

Many Hands Craft Collective are an Over 60s crafts group based at Victoria Square Housing, in Ancoats. They are currently working in partnership with local photographer Elizabeth Wewiora to explore how photography can be used as a collaborative endeavor, which is part of a current research project seeking to re-position photography as a socially engaged practice.

The group themselves meet and/ or reside within a 200 year old social housing building made up of as many flats as it’s grand age. This Victorian building represents a very different demographic of the Manchester community who currently reside within the home of the bathroom darkroom, but similarly live within the current monopoly of shared, rent based housing on offer in the city.

The work produced is a reflection of what emerges from a simple invitation, for one set of residents to respond to the domesticity of another.  

Wewiora and the Many Hands Crafts Collective group created documentary and intervention based photography and video, using the house as the set for their collaborative performance.

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