Bathroom Darkroom Project

Hayleigh Longman

The bed that I once laid,  came from a personal habit, which I have acquired since moving out of my family home. Adapting to an independent routine came along with the need to ensure that my bed is made every day as this allows me to begin my day with a clear and conscious mind. After having to take some time out, I found myself spending a lot of time at home and really indulging into my surroundings. Due to my lack of independence, making the bed in the morning was a task I would enjoy doing as this was one of the things I still had the capability to do. This almost aided as a coping mechanism in the sense that I could continue to start each day the way I'd like to, despite being somewhat incompetent.

It is a daily ritual that we all have in common, and yet very personal space where we all look past in such a unsentimental manor. The shapes and sculptures and patterns left by our presence is looked past.

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