Bathroom Darkroom Project

Barbara Jones

Pinhole photography is a fascinating hit and miss process. There is often no way of knowing exactly what you are capturing within your box camera and exposure times are a matter of guesswork. But it is precisely this element of chance that interests me. I created a range of different sized pinhole cameras for the project but the nature of these shallow boxes meant they often achieved surreal wide angled and distorted images. Sometimes I further enhanced these effects by placing the cameras close-up to the subjects to create a feeling of claustrophobia or by curving and angling the photographic paper.

Due to the low levels of available light within the house it was sometimes necessary to increase exposure times to as much as 20 minutes. However I exploited this situation to produce several double exposure images incorporating portraits in some instances.

In effect the images produced through the pinhole camera process are black and white negatives and require reversal to qualify as traditional photographs. But these negative images possess enough beauty and mystery to represent a creative interpretation of the shared spaces within 535 Barlow Moor Road.

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